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Wedding Buffet Selection 2015


Starters – select 4 cold starters from the list

Warm smoked salmon, avocado sauce 
Whitefish from the ice cellar, dill sauce
Arctic char terrine and cauliflower sauce
Perch galette and tempura-sea coral
River crab cocktail and tomato-vanilla concasse
Crab and skagen salad bowl and archipelago bread
Carrot and soft cheese terrine, pine nuts and nut foam
Air-dried ham and seasonal melon
Roasted duck breast, balsamic onion and duck liver mousse
Pork sirloin, Romesco sauce
Grilled vegetables: “Antipasti” – aubergine, pepper, courgette and artichoke

Salads – select 2 salads from the list

Caesar salad made with prawns or chicken
Marinated forest mushroom salad
Nicoise salad made with smoked perch
Caprese salad
A selection of green salads, lemon vinaigrette
Summer salad and Rhode Island sauce
COBB salad


Main meal options: Select 1 or 2 from the list

Flame cooked Arctic char, aniseed sauce
Grilled St. Peter’s fish, butter foam sauce
Corn chicken breast, shallot sauce
Roasted duck breast fillet, wine sauce flavoured with kumquat
Roasted fillet of beef, Bordelaise sauce
Well-done lamb entrecôte, roasted garlic sauce


Side orders: Select 2 from the list

Potato-goat’s cheese gratin
Bolete risotto
Boiled potatoes
Thyme roasted potatoes
Seasonal vegetables from the Manor
Vegetable-couscous salad
Beluga lentil-chorizo ragout
Boiled potatoes to accompany starters and a selection of breads are included in the price



  • With one main dish €47.00 per person
  • With two main dishes €51.00 per person
  • Initially only the cold food is laid out on the buffet table. The hot dishes are served individually.