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Mukkula has a new lease of life – welcome for a visit!


The CEO of Vanajanlinna Group, Pekka Vihma, and the Chairman of the Board, Mika Walkamo would like to add a few words. Four years ago Vanajanlinna Group commissioned a study to find out if Mukkula Manor could be reopened as a manor hotel retaining its former glory, yet updating it to modern standards. The decision was in part influenced by the fact that Vanajanlinna Group was about to relocate to Lahti. The renovations were completed in December 2014. Mukkula Manor is a welcome addition to Vanajanlinna Group. In Mukkula Manor, the spirit of Vanajanlinna Group is showcased at its best: top class customer service in a luxurious, unique setting.

“The Mukkula Manor project has since the beginning incorporated interesting echoes of the past, as we have all the skills and expertise to turn historic properties into tourist attractions,” former CEO of the company Pekka Vihma explains. The most famous of these is Vanajanlinna Group's flagship hotel, Hotelli Vanajanlinna, in Hämeenlinna.

Vanajanlinna Group’s Chairman of the Board Mika Walkamo continues: “A new chapter begun January 2015 with the opening of Mukkula Manor, which is totally unique and sensitively renovated to today’s standards. Our partners are carefully selected and we have opted to use local suppliers whenever possible. For instance the interior was planned and implemented by a local company, Isku.”

Vanajanlinna Group

A private hotel-restaurant group.

Vanajanlinna Group comprises Hotelli Vanajanlinna, Linna Golf in Hämeenlinna, Metsänvartijan Tila in Janakkala, Levi Spirit luxury villas at Levi and Mukkula Manor in Lahti.